The final high school rugby game for Isabel yesterday, she graduates in June, and they lost their quarter final game. They played with grace, determination, spirit and as the incredible team that they are. They may have lost, but you'd never know it from these pictures and the mood that they were in. They managed to score two tries on a team who had held their opponents scoreless all year. A real accomplishment. They also played with only two subs, the rest of the team injured or away. The other team had at least 30 players and were able to rotate their players.

The girls came up after the game to thank me for being at all of their games, taking pictures and bringing water and ice packs, and I got three cheers "for Izzy's mom!" An amazingly talented group of young ladies!

This is Amel, a graduate of Glebe's rugby program, playing in University and volunteering to coach. An amazingly positive woman.

KPertiet-Taped together masks, clipped singles photo frames, autumnal artisty

MBS-Annelise solids, jelly alpha no12

PKnox-DIY puzzle pieces