Here is my entry for Linda's wonderful 9am Fantasy Chat challenge from the 2nd Quarterly Sale chatfest on May 19th. 9am EST is 6am Squeak time, so I was there in body but not much else! Smile This was such a great chat to get the day rolling, and Linda had some awesome suggestions for fantasy pages--who are your fantasy dinner guests, what movies would you show at a fantasy movie festival, where are your fantasy travel destinations (a topic near and dear to my heart). I was awake enough to crack up at Deb's (MINIDEB) comment: "Well if it's a fantasy .... I want to be 30 years younger and be rich.... and have lots of hunky guys to dinner....and for desert!!! and thin and beautiful!!!" Smile I'm with you 100%, Deb! Smile From your lips to God's ear!! Smile

I adore art journal and fantasy pages, although I don't often make them. I never would have made such a page when I paper scrapped, as it would have seemed like too much trouble. Digi makes it sooo easy to indulge in one's fanciful impulses! No muss! No fuss! For Linda's challenge I ended up making a page about fantasy TV. Over the years, I've become quite attached to a number of television shows that get cancelled after only a handful of episodes, shows that I become quite invested in, even though they were only on the air for a short time. Most of these shows would be characterized as quirky, in the sci fi or fantasy genre, so it's probably no surprise they were cancelled. Still, I would love to see more episodes of these shows, just enough to see how things turned out.

Oh, and yes, "Awake" is still on the air, but only for one more episode. Sad

A word about the page design...some months ago I participated in a digi dare at the website of the same name. For that dare I lifted a page design I'd seen a while ago at GSO. I liked the page design so much that I'm using it again here, as it fits with the theme I'm scrapping.


I'm going to have to add these later. My cat, Lucifer, has decided my keyboard makes an excellent place to sleep! Off to get my camera, to see if I can get a pic of him...

The kitty has left the building, and I didn't get the shot. Sad Oh, well, here are the page credits...

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Thick Alphabet And Numbers

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Christmas Wreath Paper Pack
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9am Fantasy Chat Freebie, 5-19-2012

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