I found a great quote overtop of a softball photo on Pinterest that became an inspiration for my latest softball album I created for my daughter and her teammates. This is the final page of the book that will hopefully inspire them to all continue on in the sport. Good times!

Template- me
Chalklet Papers: The Tattered Pear
Font: FFF Tusj

Do you remember why you play
or has it been too long?
Is it because you’ve worked so hard to get where you are
or because you love being part of the team?
Is it because you love the roar of the crowd
or the anxiety before the game? Is it because you don’t want to let anyone down or yourself ?
Is it because you love the sound of a perfect hit
or because you’d rather be on the field than anywhere else in the world?
Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become
and the hours of practice,
and the teammates who believe in you,
and the fans who cheer for you,
the little girl who first picked up the ball,
who fell in love with the game and didn’t look back PLAY.FOR.HER