This page took me FOREVER, but I had so much fun creating it! Loving Jana's class!

This is Roan, the grandson of my eldest sister. He is 18 months old and so adorable! Last time we saw him he was very keen on my brother’s car keys. Every time he pushed the button the key came out (like a jack knife) and Roan thought this was hilarious. He couldn’t get enough of it.

I couldn’t find a standing full body picture so I tried to bring the ‘O’ of ONE around this shot. After a lot of versions and other ideas I thought it would be nice to create a race track of it, with Roan having the remote control in his hands.

Katie Pertiet:
Chipboard Alpha Black
Edge Overlays no.3
Gingerbread Runaway solid
Starglows no.2
Postage Strip Numbers
On The Go kit (car)
Watery Photo Masks no.1

Erica Zwart:
Turn Back The Clock kit (papers)
Soccer Star kit (page mask)
On The Edge overlays no.2

Anna Aspnes:
Script Tease Love no.1