Jumping for joy card:
Card: K Pertiet Pocket Cards Bound No 1
Paint/damask, loved stamp, yellow flower: Studio Double D Layer Works No 70
Blue tree and blue bird epoxies: Studio Double d Layer Works No 16
Journaling: Jumping for joy over our new bird feeder

Captured birds card:
Paper: K Pertiet Surf-n-Sand paper 7
Ribbon, scallops, bow, bird, captured, good times: Studio Double D Layer Works No 70
Corner stamp: M Wise Seasons Change Corners
Bird stamp: CRJ Blossom brush
Journaling: This week we added the following birds to Kylie's bird life list: Eastern Bluebird, Blue Jay, Blue Grosbeak, Cowbirds and Pileated Woodpecker

Xo card: Studio Double D Readymade Journalers for Mom

Schooled CZ Design Check Cards 3
Journaling: This week Kylie tried three new works at school: 1) Four letter word building box with words like flag, sled, clip, stamp and clock. 2) Earth's continents puzzle and 3) the triangle box. Way to go Kylie!

Bird card: K Pertiet Pocket Cards 4x6 Vintage No1-4
Sunshine: Studio Double D Readymade 4x6 Journalers Nursery No1-2