Our "foods" teacher has organized a couple of "masterchef" classes for my colleagues. It is so funny how hopeless we teachers are when we become the students! The facing page will be a full page collage of photos - including those of my colleagues so I won't be posting it. It will have the following journaling (just so you know the story):
Peter very kindly organised another cooking master class. This time it was chicken noodles and included the making of the noodles. We had never made noodles before and we were as inept as ever. It is so funny seeing all of these competent teachers doing things outside of their comfort zone! I managed to cut the noodles on the wrong setting so they looked more like fettuccine. We had mudcakes for dessert that we left in the oven too long so that they were more like rock cakes. I took home the leftover noodles thinking I'd cook something with them the following evening, but by that time they'd solidified into a hard ball!
It was all lots of fun!

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