Dear Mom and Dad,
I am writing this lettr to you about chocolate. It is my opinion that i should get more chocolate in my diet. Chocolate isnt all that bad. It has a lot of healthy nutrients in it such as calcium, protein and riboflavin, a B vitamin. The calcium, as you know, helps with my bones. The protein in choocolate is not only good for my muscles, but also fights plaque. This would block most of the decay sugar causes, so dirty teeth is no excuse to keep the chocolate bars away. Also the cocoa butter rinses the sugar-acid particles from my teeth which reduces the chance of cavities. Most ingredients in chocolate help your heart and blood. So I Honestly don’t see why you’re not letting me get at least part of a chocolate bar a day, even though I’d recommend half a bar.
Josh Davenport
Dear Josh,
You present a compelling argument. In fact, it is such a compelling argument that we are sending in some chocolate for you today. We are especially impressed with your scientific knowledge about chocolate.
Love, Mom&Dad
PS: It is so good that you are taking such an interest in nutrition. To further support this newfound interest, we will make sure you get a double serving of veggies tonight at dinner.

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