Another month gone by! Thanks for looking!

Journaling - Kyle is still such a happy kid - most of the time. We finally kicked the ear infection on the third round of antibiotics. A first for Kyle this month was throwing up! Sad to say I missed that one (away for the weekend at a conference) but I did get to help clean the car seat. I think with Kyle being sick he learned a new upset sound and he seems to be more screechy when he doesn’t get his way. Maybe this is just a phase and when he learns to talk he will replace the screeches with words. Hopefully. We are enjoying more time outside and Kyle loves it when I keep the door open so he can wander in and out. He will open and close the front door over and over. He loves to touch the sprinklers because they turn, and he will go to the cat door at the garage and push it, and the license plate on my car and pull on it, because he likes the sounds they make. He likes the colorful pinwheel in the Harrison’s yard and will often wander up their driveway to spin it. His favorite spot on the back patio is under the grill which sits on a gardening table with a low shelf. Kyle will turn around, back himself up and sit right in front of the propane tanks. And then rest his head on them. LOL! Kyle still enjoys our walks, which I have not gone on enough of recently, and he is still very quiet, just taking in everything he sees and hears. My most favorite thing Kyle does is when we are reading a story where I usually do hand motions for a certain word - like POP! If I pause he will take my hand and put it in the correct position for me to do the motion. It shows me he loves the things I do with him and we have to do it that particular way.

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