I loved this inspiration by Jenelle for the SSL http://blog.designerdigitals.com/images/uploads/Jenelle_and_boys_sept_web.jpg
Such a beautiful page and gorgeous colors!

This is a layout for my youngest documenting her first solo bike ride. Thanks for looking!

We had practiced riding your two wheeler for a few weeks last fall. And although you were trying really hard, the balancing was still difficult. So, when the weather got cold, we packed up your bike until spring. This March we were having very unseasonably warm weather and we went outside to play. There was still a patch of ice and snow chunks on the grass and you decided to try to walk across these chunks without falling. You balanced with each little step and at the end you announced, “I think I can ride my bike now because I just balanced!” I thought to myself, “Hmmm, I’ve never heard of any correlation between ice walking and bike riding, but let’s give it a try” and fully expected that I would be holding the seat and helping you balance. Boy was I wrong! We got out the little red bike and put on your helmet. You rode several times back and forth across the driveway and had very little difficulty. So, off we went to the flat part of the street and you took off! I wasn’t having to hold your seat...I was chasing you as you raced off! You were so proud of yourself...and clearly you were right. There must be a correlation between ice walking and bike riding!

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