My son-in-law's Mom has asked me to make a heritage type recipe book for her to give her family. We were completely smitten with Carol's "From Kay's Kitchen book and couldn't resist emulating it. I sincerely hope it is as they say, that flattery is the highest for of flattery. Thank you Carol for your awesome inspiration!

Katie Pertiet
Curled Journal Spots
Vintage Journal Spots No.2
Oiselet Rouge
Ripped Cardstock Krafty No.1
Vintage Library Paper No.2
Autumnal Artistry Kit (flower)
Alandia Rancheros (word strip)
Vintage Journal Spots No.3
Tailed Journalers
Watery Bookshelf Dots No.1
Bookshelf Clusters No.1
Grungy Ledger Grids No.3
Kitchen Classic Brushes and Stamps
Old World Brushes and Stamps No.4

Patti Knox

Thank you for looking! Nancy