Hey sometimes in the hurly burly part of life we never stop - to think or take stock. of who we are floowing or what we are doing when we are leading. We just do it.... maybe as the brand says we should!

Journaling :
One should always stop to smell the roses they say. Sometimes you have to stop for the dandelions too. To simply look for the good in a weed. Always look up to those that know more than you. Don’t accept what they say though, as fact, just because they are older. Challenge things if you are unsure. Sometimes lead and sometimes follow. Don’t ever follow blindly cos everyone else is. Sometimes go out to the open to simply declutter you mind. Take a walk in the long grass. Feel the African sun on your back.
Always keep it real.

credits :
Katie Pertiet - Krafty Damask No1
Ali Edwards 2012 Sentiment Tabs
Artistry d'amour Element Pack