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I Wonder What Sheíd Say...or...Surely You Jest...
When I was a kid I thought everything I saw on TV was real. Well, not REAL I knew Shirley Temple movies were just movies with a cute little girl that played different parts. I got that. What I didnít get was that those movies were OLD movies. She was no longer that cute little 3, 4, 5 year old curly-haired and dimpled girl. And I had no idea there were (or had been) Shirley Temple dolls. I would have wanted one of those. For sure. The only doll that I was aware of at that young age was Chatty Cathy. You remember...with Chatty Cathy you pulled the string on her back and she says different phrases. My cousin had one. I wanted one. Until I saw an episode of Twilight Zone. There was this talking doll named Talking Tina. Letís just say the things she said werenít always so nice and the show didnít end well for the father of the little girl that had the doll. Where were the adults? Thatís what I want to know! Who in the world thought it was okay for a 7 year old to be watching that uber scary stuff. I! And the next time I spent the night at my cousinís house....there was that freaky Chatty Cathy, in her bedroom. I donít think I slept a wink. When I got older I didnít mind being scared. My parents went out one night and I babysat my younger brother. I was in 6th grade. They cane home to a totally dark house and me watching Alfred Hitchcockís The Birds by myself. I loved it. When I got even older I went to see The Exorcist. I was in high school by then. I rigged up a chair in my bedroom with this octopus I had that was made out of yarn (that was braided for the legs) over a large Styrofoam ball for its head. It was pink, by the way. I put the octopus on the top of the chair with a hat on and then a coat over the back of the chair so the octopus wouldnít fall off. Then, if I woke up in the middle of the night, I would see it and it would freak me out. I donít know where that one came from...just got to say that. A friend of mine, though, wouldnít even sleep in a bed for quite some time after The Exorcist. He slept on the floor. When I saw this doll at an Estate Sale? It all came back in a flood. Iím not sure if I was having a hot flash or a good case of The Terror Sweats, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I was seven again. And this doll wouldnít stop looking at me and I could almost hear it saying (in a high-pitched, fake little girl voice), ďSurely you want to take me home with you. I want to be your friend.Ē What the...Iíll take Clowns, Hockey Masks and Scary Movies for $200, Alex. I think Iíll skip Dolls. And donít call me Shirley...

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