Our youngest always keeps us smiling with the conversations we have and the vocabulary she comes up with!
Thanks for looking!

You sat quietly at the table one evening working on a project. When it remained quiet for quite a while, I decided I better take a look and there you were carefully copying a monkey picture from a book. I said, "Wow, I really like your drawing!" Your reply was, "Do you think I am talented?" To which I replied, "Yes, Ellie. You are talented." And the conversation did not stop there as you asked, "Do you think I am really, really, really talented?" You know what I answered of course! You always keep us smiling!

K. Pertiet
Cut Ups Photography
Photo Journal Clusters No 2
Wild Horses Solids
Tape from Photo Clusters No 25
Momentous Seals No 1
Tied Fasteners No 5
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Made with Paper Flowers No 3
watery Washes No 2
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Pocket Cards Krafty Words No 1
Pocket Card Masks No 1
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