Quotes Read:
If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk. ~Raymond Inmon

Take only pictures; leave only footprits. ~Unknown

Walks. The body advances, while the mind flutters around it like a bird. ~Jules Renard

Journaling Reads:
Everyone that knows me pretty much knows I’m a city girl. Well, not a BIG city girl…maybe more of a townie. And they also know that I’m not real big into “exercise”, “fitness”, “working out” and that kind of stuff. I don’t believe in endorphins. I think they may have existed once, but am sure they were killed by the Romans, or Greeks, or Huns. They are now myth. So I don’t go seeking them out. And I don’t hike. That involves all of the above things. And bugs. And plants that will drive you insane with itching. I had no idea what I was missing. Since moving to Nashville, Tennessee a couple of months ago my husband and I have started hiking a couple of times a week (if the weather is cooperative) in some rather amazing parks. Like, serious nature stuff. And hubby? He’s always been an outdoors kind of guy. Grew up in the country. Camps in the wilderness. And he used to take the kids with him. They loved it. I loved staying at home. The park we were at today is over 600 acres of gorgeousness. I think I just made that word up, but you know what I mean. And something else that everyone that knows me pretty much knows is that I almost always have some type of camera with me. DSLR or, recently, iPhone. I love my iPhone. I can take a picture of a plant and then google to see if it’s poison ivy. Maybe I should reverse the order on that. Anyway…we hiked for a couple of hours today at a park called Edwin Warner Park. And I took lots of photos. The scent of honeysuckle was amazing. And the wind was blowing through the trees and there were so many birds it sounded like a tropical rainforest. Remember, I don’t get out much where there is a concentration of trees. And I’m still getting used to all of the songbirds in Tennessee, so they all sound pretty exotic. And I’m hearing other sounds, behind us. And I keep turning around to see if there’s something there, and there never is. And by now I’m thinking about fairy tale kind of stuff. Like, is this more of a Little Red Riding Hood woods, or more of a Snow White woods. Either one would have worked. And I’m hearing these noises. So I tell my husband I think there’s a bear following us, and I have a plan. I know I can’t outrun a bear, or my husband, so my plan is to take the photo of the bear (because I’d have to take the photo…I’m sorry) and then I will toss my husband my iPhone and he can run off. And he’s such a doll. He says that won’t happen. Before I have a chance to sigh and tell him how foolishly romantic that is he says, “I’d be gone. But I’d come back for the phone.” {crickets…} You’ve gotta love a guy with a plan.

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