What a week.... My son and his wife have bought their very first property... phew!!!! (he's only 43yrs old) I didn't think it would ever happen... Im sooo happy for them..
Placed an ad in the classifieds to sell our Camper Trailer.. paid too much money into my water account, rang them and asked for my refund.. yes.yes.yes..... (should pay for the ad, couldnt believe that the ad would cost $299) Sad
My daughter and hubby wanted an updated photo with their grandson Landen to send to my SIL's mum in UK.. of course, I had to take a couple of shots of him on his own... hehe... found out today, Landen will be getting a little baby brother in September, due on my 45th Wedding Anniversary.. My view (not that it's relevant) is, it's a little too soon for a baby brother, but that's life I guess..

the companion page.. My daughter with her GRANDSON Landen... :D


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