I LOVED this pic of Ian and Daniel. They really do love each others company.

Journaling : Whilst you and I have this amazing bond, Daniel, you and Grandpa simply adore each other . From the moment you are together you click. You make each other laugh and do stuff that neither of you would on your own. He misses you. He often speaks of you during the week. He, of course, wants to buy you everything any child could wish for. I have to tell you that it is me that makes him refrain. Grandpa always tries to finish work early on a Friday to come and play with you. The best for him is if he can come and wake you from your afternoon nap. You are such a good waker upper from a nap. You just lie there and smile. I wonder what you think when we walk in. Oh yea - I got the grannies and grandpas to run around me all afternoon. We know you love us - cos when we say good bye to someone you cry and say NO..... cos you think it’s you leaving. It breaks my heart. So, Daniel, always know that this grandpa (and granny too) is totally, madly, deeply, crazy about you. You can do whatever you want. Ok, I am so glad that you won’t be able to read this until you will already know all of this. You make us so very happy and proud and grateful and blessed. You make us have the title Granny and Grandpa and wow we couldn’t love this role anymore than we do. We love you.

Credits :

Love Something Brushes and Stamps
Helping Hands Charity Kit
Week In The Life Layered Template Set 12x12 Vol. 04
Stamped Sentiments Brushes and Stamps No. 06