3 Kits 3 Ways {No.128}

Ugh, Mollie! This was a tough one for me! (The rule for the most recent 3 Kits 3 Ways challenge is that we are to use supplies only from those 3 kits and nothing else!) I love me my elements, so while I followed the rule, I simply used as many things from the 3 kits as I could fit on the page. Smile

I'm whining about this, but honestly it was actually quite fun once I got started (thanks for taking me out of my comfort zone, Mollie!), and the colors from Michelle's adorable Limon kit worked perfectly for an idea I've had noodling around in my noggin for a while. Part scrapbook page, part promissory note, this page is a reminder to myself to make some "me" time this summer. As I mention in the journaling, last summer was not a fun one for me, so this summer I am bound and determined to take some time off. What I really want to do is just sit on a beach somewhere for a while and do absolutely nothing but let the day wash over me. So, where shall it be? Hawaii? Tahiti? The Mediterranean? Maybe it will just be the 40-minute drive from my house to the California coast, but no matter--there is a beach and a fruity umbrella drink in my not-to-distant future! Smile

Journaling reads:
"Last summer was a brutal one: not only did we not take a vacation, but a surprise audit of the department had me working day and night for weeks trying to stay one step ahead of the auditors. Thankfully that all worked out, but summer came and went before I even knew it. I’m one who enjoys summer, and with the busy 2012 I’ve had already, I really need to find a way to just...stop...so this is a promise to myself: this summer, I will spend some time on a beach somewhere, feet up, umbrella in my drink, just watching the waves roll in. Ahhhhh! Hello, Happiness!"

Credits (Okay, I have to admit that using only three kits sure makes the credits easier! Smile Smile )
Cassie Jones (Cassie's tutorials don't count as kits, right? Right?)
How’d They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows
Laying It All Out No. 03: Custom Stickers and Clever Layering

Maplebrook Studio
Limon Kit

Studio Double-D
Flowering Clusters No. 01

Cathy Zielske
Typesets Hello Ness Brushes and Stamps

Fonts: Ariel, CK_Ali's Hand
Photo: iStockPhoto

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