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You Are Cordially Invited...
I always wanted to be that woman that could throw the perfect party in the perfect home. Have crafted everything in such a way that Martha Stewart would be calling, begging for an invite so she could have a peek at what she only dreamed she could do. Well...I was that girl that couldn’t get an “A” in Home Ec when it was time (in 7th grade) to make a Bishop’s Apron. Easiest sewing I always wanted to be that woman that could make quilts for friends and loved ones for Christmas and babies and weddings. Stopped by...The Bishop’s Apron. I didn’t even KNOW the Bishop. I wanted to be the woman that would have the perfect foods sitting out in the perfect room in the perfect home. Like in Victoria Magazine (bliss...). Only thing was, the photos of the cute cottages in that magazine weren’t my ranch-style home with 4 active kids and a mom that was more worried about having a quick snack ready for them when they got home and a cheap (but hearty) casserole in the oven. And I would wear heels and the pefect outfit at the parties. The parties in my head. I know alot of people, but that doesn’t mean I have alot of friends. I have a very tight, fierce circle of friends. Girlfriends that when I invite them over for a Lord of the Rings Marathon Party...well, they help me fold the towels so we have a place to sit. In front of the coffee table that I drag from another room that has a box of crackers and a saucer with Philly Cream Cheese smothered in Jezebel Sauce or Onion Jam. Maybe for a LaFemme Nikita Marathon (the old series...not the new series or the movie) all we have is a huge plastic garbage bag of popcorn and never even get out of our PJ’s. That would be for a week-ender (which translates to two over-nighters). Or maybe for an abbreviated LFN party we would just have copious amounts of coffee and M&M’s. You know,we pop M&M’s instead of a drinking game where you take a drink every time Michael smiles, or Nikita says “why”, or they show the White Room, or someone calls for Housekeeping. And I don’t think they were talking about dusting, folding towels or crafting for a party...And heels? For the younger generation. Give me bare feet, socks only or a comfy, beat up pair of slippers. There’s a new magazine out now called comes about twice a year (by Stampington Press). It makes me want to have a party. Maybe it’s really not too late for me. If I HIRE someone to do the decorating, and RENT the right house, and have it CATERED by...nah. I think a Harry Potter Marathon is in order. We can do the food with themed names. You know...a Muggle Bread Bowl filled with Wizard Dip. With paper plates. Less clean-up involved. And I’m not going to make anything that requires me to wear an apron. Just sayin’...

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