Thanks for the challenge, Steph.

I love the internet, it's so good in many ways. But when it's sitting there in the corner of your room, competing with the radio/ television, 2 children (who obviously get priority:D) and the thoughts in your own head, it can be easy to feel there are too many things to take in at once.

So I decided to make this page to remind myself to switch off every so often, and remember what else I enjoy doing like reading, crochet, or just sitting having 5 minutes peace. But it's so hard to rest doing nothing, I always like to be doing something!

Supplies used:
K Pertiet
Artistry de Blanco Kit;
Spot Dots Colors: Turquoise Paper Pack;
Metal Clip Assortment No. 03;

L Grieveson
Worn Page Edges No. 02;
Ripped and Stitched Do-it-Yourself No. 03;

Maplebrook studios
Jelly Alphabet No. 14;

P Knox
Fasten Its 2.