Quote reads: Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea. --author unknown

Journaling Reads:
Tea for two? Tetley or Typhoo?
It’s no secret I did some “formative years” time in England. Learned how to drink my tea with sugar and milk. Dropped the milk later when my only option for milk was powdered. No thanks. But always needed the sugar. I can still remember the tea ads. There sure is something to be said for long-term memory. I don’t drink tea much now. I switched to coffee in my late 20’s. In the summer-time, though, I can hit the iced variety pretty good. And who doesn’t like to have a gallon of sun tea a-brewing on the back patio...if you have one. About the only time I drink hot tea now is when something major is happening across the pond. Good or bad, happy or sad, it’s an occasion for me to have a gathering. Weddings are great. Had an all-nighter when Prince William and his lovely bride Kate got hitched. Wonderful wedding. I made scones. Blueberry ones. And had Tetley tea. What a gorgeous wedding. Had a gathering when Princess Diana was laid to rest. I made scones. Cranberry, I believe. Tetley tea. I’ve been unable to find Typhoo in the Portland, Oregon area. And we each had our own box of tissues. A heart-breaker that one was. Pulled an all-nighter when she got married as well. No tea. No scones. I was quite pregnant and was suffering from insomnia. My theory was that it was my body’s way of getting ready for the on-slaught of sleepless nights after the baby was born. I never had crumpets when I lived in England, that I remember. I think I would remember that. I’ve learned to make my own Devonshire cream...well, if you can really make your own Devonshire cream when you live in Hillsboro, Oregon and don’t have access to what you really need. Tea and scones, though...I’ll take a knock-off. The other gathering I had was when Pope John Paul II died. Totally different menu for that gathering. Coffee and biscotti. Mugs of coffee, not pretty little tea cups. Just not the same. Is it okay for me to say I’m waiting for Prince Harry to get married? Maybe I should just take a trip to England to get me some real Devonshire cream and Typhoo tea...maybe try a crumpet. I should start looking for a good hat now, too. Never too early...

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