Lots of life lessons - and I am sure I could add to this list regularly for the rest of my life.

Some of these lessons I am still very much learning. Nothing like a little repetition before it sinks in right? Wink

Thanks for looking. Smile

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Journaling: Family is everything | Do you what you love | Exercise regularly and eat healthy | Listen to your gut | What will be will be | Always look for the good in people | Don’t be taken for granted | It’s ok to say no! | Sometimes it’s better to say nothing | But sometimes you really need to speak up | Always look for the positive, even in hard times | Don’t go to bed angry | Do what’s right, even if it’s the harder option | Record your story | You can’t always get what you want | But if you try sometimes you find you get what you need Wink| You cannot make someone love you | The only person holding you back is you | Follow your dreams, not someone else’s | Move forward, don’t stay stuck in the past | Change is as good as a holiday | Mistakes don’t mean failure, but an opportunity to learn | Say sorry when you should | Slow down and take time for yourself | Debt is a dirty, four letter word | If you’re in a bad mood, wait before sending that email | Sleep is important | There’s nothing like a good, long walk to clear your mind | Giving is better than getting | Be thankful for the life you have | Not all friendships last the test of time, and that is ok | Not everyone will like you, and that is ok | There is nothing wrong with spending a day with your nose stuck in a book | The definition of success is different for everyone | Always have money set aside for an emergency | Do what you want when it feels right, not because everyone else is doing it | Ask questions | If in doubt, seek a second opinion | Forgive | Say I love you and give hugs often | Apr 11, 2012