Journaling Reads:
Quonset What?
When I was seven I experienced two life-altering events. The first was the assassination of President John Kennedy. How could you not be impacted by that if you were old enough to remember it. It was the first “news” event I remember ever watching on tv. For three days I watched non-stop news coverage while living in Marion, Indiana. I vaguely remember John Glenn’s orbit of the Earth a year earliler, but only vaguely. The second event was moving to England for the second time. For one thing, I have been forever impacted by living in the country that brought us both Robin Hood and King Arthur. And I’m sure the Grimm Brothers had England in mind as the setting for Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Sure of it. But moving to England also marked the first time I changed schools during a school year. And my second grade class at Lakenheath Elementary School was in a quonset hut. Like the one pictured here, only without the writing and the rust. Just plain gray. Or grey. It was the last place I enjoyed recess. After second grade, recess was too much waiting in line for not enough playground equipment. You’d wait the whole recess and just when it was your turn on the “bars”, well, recess would be over. Or you couldn’t get into a game of four-sqare because the game was “locked”. Or you’d wait in jump-rope line and get behind someone who wouldn’t even miss while jumping double-Dutch. At that point I preferred being not sick enough to stay home, but too sick to go out to recess and I could stay inside and read. Ahhh...back in the days when I wished for a cold. But that was after the Quanset Hut. A gray one. Or is it grey?

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