Debbie (dfwest) has been creating an amazing series of heritage pages of late. They are visually stunning, and they tell the tales of family treasures....articles that hold memories and meaning to her. As I watched these pages show up in the gallery, I was inspired to begin a similar project...but one that would be written in my parents' voices, recording their memories of heirlooms passed down to them. This month's heritage challenge was the catalyst to get the project started! Thank you to Mollie for letting me play along and especially to Debbie for sharing your creative artistry with us.

This journaling was written by my mom:
When Dad got sick and moved into the nursing home, Gen, Kathy and I set about the task of clearing out his house so it could be sold. We spent a few days emptying out drawers and closets and dividing up the things that Dad had saved that were important to him. We were all surprised by some of the things that he had held onto since Mom died 30 years earlier. One thing we came across was a small jar that honey had been sold in (you can still see the 43 cents mark on the lid). Inside were a number of sparkly buttons, jewelry pieces, and crystal beads. We decided that since Mom was a great one to re purpose things, it must have been some things that she had saved to use as embellishments in her craft work. She always liked to add a little bling to whatever she made. Neither of my sisters wanted it, so I decided I’d take the jar home and look through it more closely to see if there was anything I wanted to use in scrapbooking. As usual, I didn’t get at the task very quickly. The jar was put in my drawer where I keep my reclaimed buttons and stayed there for maybe 3 or 4 years. When I finally opened it and poured out the contents, I could see that there were a lot of those crystal beads and what looked like a necklace hook that had more beads in it. When I laid them out, it was obvious that there were graduated sizes of beads. It finally dawned on me that this must have been my Mom’s prized crystal necklace that she wore for special occasions. It had either broken or had been taken apart. I looked at a picture from my wedding where Mom was wearing the necklace and I could see that it had been a double strand that was long enough to go around her ample neck. It was a pretty simple task to restring the beads and I am thrilled to now have the necklace. I didn’t have it to wear at my daughters’ weddings but I wore it at my granddaughter’s wedding and will wear it to the future weddings of other grandchildren. I think this is the best way to re purpose the crystal beads.

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