A cherished picture of my Mom on Easter Sunday in 1971 ... when I was about 6 years old ... this is a lift of scullen's beautiful layout ... http://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/ideas/showphoto.php?photo=169340

Supplies used:

Teal, red and garden papers: Katie Pertiet Garden District
Mask: Katie Pertiet Taped Together
Butterfly Masks: Katie Pertiet Winged Corners No 1
Cream paper: Katie Pertiet Letter Box
Inner Paper Mask: Lynn Grieveson Inky Dink Page Border
Word Art: Katie Pertiet Worth Repeating No 4 "Moments to Treasure"
Thick Frame: Vintage Tan Wrinkled Jaelop Designs
Thin Frame - Katie Pertiet Artistry de Blanco
Journaling Block: Katie Pertiet Monarchy Cream Teal Outline
Butterfly Embie: Katie Pertiet Winged Clusters 1
Clock: Katie Pertiet Clock Parts 1
Flower: Katie Pertiet Cover Inspiration 03-14-2010
Word Art - Katie Pertiet I'll Always Treasure this Moment (re-colored)
Hinge: Katie Pertiet Pack 1