Found this photo of my daughter and her faithful dog Jess out in the 2009 floods inspecting her little horse stud for damage. I love the atmospheric nature of the photo, and the fact that, for me, it shows Jess's loyal nature - she died last year and was a devoted, courageous farm dog all her long life. Di is wearing the iconic driz-a-bone - she's had one since she was a young rider (there is a built in cover for the saddle in the rainproof coat). I kept the layout simple, and adapted Lyn's template accordingly.

L Grieveson
Scrap Express #20
Color Challenge paper (main black paper)

K Pertiet
Glen Moore Kit (orange paper)
ArtistrydeAzil Kit (frame with blending modes)
My Family Genealogy Word Art (with blending modes applied)
L-Automne Kit (flower)

A Aspnes