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Fortun{ate} Cup

I once had my fortune told to me by a gypsy. At a party. She told me I would marry late and have many children. I was 18 or 19 at the time and marrying late scared me to death. As did many children. You see, my grandmother was the youngest of 19 living children. My mother was 7 of 9 (which is cool if you’re into Star Trek spin-offs). My husband is the oldest of 7. I actually have four children, and I got married when I was 21. ALMOST 22. I felt old at the time. I had no idea. The gypsy didn’t give anyone any bad news (unless you count me feeling like I was going to get married as an old woman). And she just looked at our hands. She didn’t read tea leaves, or look in a crystal ball or anything cool like that. I think I could be a gypsy. I think that the olive that has shown up in my skin is probably from a gypsy. I have the flair. But I wouldn’t read hands. Too easy to get distracted by nail color (Carnivale Cha-Cha) or jewelry (OMG is that REAL?!?!). And tea leaves aren’t really my thing. I used to drink tea all the time. Tea in bags. I came to coffee late. Really late. Like I was already married with four kids before I dove into the nirvana that is coffee. And I like mine sweet, thank you very much. No bitter stuff for me. It’s because of my name, I think. People warned me about “sweet tea” in the South before a recent trip I took. Are you kidding me? That’s the way I’ve always had my tea! Just didn’t know it had a Special Name. But coffee is my drink of choice. Here in the Northwest it’s a perfect drink, because you can find it everywhere. And most of the coffee places have drive-thrus. Yeah...I think if I was a gypsy I would read coffee grounds. And I would set up right next to a really good coffee place. Like Dutch Bros. Drive-thru only. With really loud music and a great playlist. Or Insomnia Coffee. Love.Them. I think I would be good at it, too. Except I would want to be the one drinking the coffee as well as reading the grounds. Not too sure how that would actually work. I’ll think on that. Over coffee...two sugars, no cream...