A day trip to Canterbury, Kent..
Jim & I borrowed Deb’s car and took a day trip to Canterbury, we had a ball taking in the sights of the city, there were hundreds of French people waiting to get into the Cathedral, it was so busy.. Every corner that we turned had beautiful old buildings, some twisted and bent, they looked like they were going to topple over into the street ..I loved this old 'Sausage Company’ cart, even the vendor was dressed up in the old butchers garb.. Buskers were everywhere, their music filling the streets with old time tunes, it was magic.. Nearly all the alleyways led to the Cathedral, so everytime you looked down them, the Cathedral was standing proud and timeless.. I had a bit of a fetish for old doors on this trip, and took photos of them whenever I had the chance.. We had a fabulous pub lunch in Weatherspoons’ Steak & Kidney pudding ,chips and mushy peas.. we had a wonderful day ..

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