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Be Your Own Parade
My husband’s family has a little piece of property in a small town named LaPine in Oregon. It’s in a high desert area of the state. Arid. And when we camp there over the 4th of July holiday we are usually able to catch the parade that goes through town. My husband’s family is large enough that we have often talked about having our own entry/float. Especially now that our children are bringing their children, we would need a very big float. And the fun thing about the parade is that the kids get candy thrown to them from the parade participants. It’s like Mardi Gras...without the alcohol and beads and masks. Okay. Not really much like Mardi Gras. The only kind of Mardi Gras-ish part of the parade used to be the High Desert Belly Dancers. Not what you’re thinking right now, believe me. They were old. And the younger the person assessing their age, the older they were. Imagine 70 year old belly dancers. The younger children needed their eyes covered. We believe they have all...retired. We are always at the same place in the parade route. And this year alot of the participants had run out of of candy by the time they got to us. Not. so. good. BUT... our nephew (an uncle to some of the young ones) decided THAT was just not right and walked to a little near-by store to buy some candy. Just for our group. During a break in the parade, as a distraction so the little kids wouldn’t see Chris leaving, my daughter-in-law decided that she and their dog, Bodhi, would fill in the gap. She got a round of applause from all (even the people who didn’t come with us) and returned to her seat when Chris got back from the store, which was just through the vacant lot behind us. So...when the parade got caught up to us again, we distracted the younger kids and as they looked at the next group coming up, Chris would throw the candy over the tops of their heads from behind them. They never saw where it was actually coming from, which made it funny only to us (and the other people around us) to see them scrambling around to get their fair share. I didn’t go to parades growing up. I went to the Lilac Parade in Spokane, Washington once. Too crowded. I was on a float once in a parade in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. A stand-in for Miss Fairchild AFB (who apparently had better plans on the 4th of July). This parade? My idea of a perfect parade. Thanks, Chris, for making a great parade memory. I can’t wait to tell the kids about it...when they get older.