Another treasure page.Our local book store "Chapters" always threw a book launch party for the release of the "Harry Potter" Books. They were always great fun, and we usually had a couple of friends along. This time it was Isabel's best friend Grace and they both dressed as Professor Trelawny....The reporter's first question was, "what are you going to do in a book store for four hours?" My response was that "this would not be the first time that we had spent four hours in a book store"....Actually, can't believe that I spent four hours there and this was the best (read only) photo that I took!
Everything from DD...credits tomorrow

OK, so it isn't tomorrow, or the next day, but here they are:

Helping Hands Kit (background paper)

KPertiet Spot Dots Photo Masks No 2

PKnox Shimmer Tidbits Splattered