A lot can happen in a year. This page is about the day before he was born and now. Smile There will be many birthday pages to follow soon..lol. I really can't believe he's 1.

Thanks for looking. Smile

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Font: Champagne & Limousines
Journaling: I was nesting like a crazy person in preparation for your arrival and your West Aussie Grandparents visits | We were wondering whether you would still arrive by your own accord | We could not wait to see what you looked like | We were having our last quiet night together as two | I was nervous about being induced but so excited because I knew when we walked in those hospital doors we would not be leaving without you | We were nervous and worried about whether we would be good parents | I was wondering if every single twitch, ache and niggle was a sign of your impending arrival | I was double and triple checking our hospital bags | I had no idea that pre-labour had started and we would arrive at the hospital to find out I was dilated enough to have my waters broken straight away | I walked around the house, taking in everything knowing it would all change for the better in a few days | I was still being harassed on the phone, via text message and Facebook about whether I was in labour yet | I was wondering just how much it would hurt and how I would handle the pain | But I was more worried about changing nappies for the first time | I could not believe that we were finally going to be able to meet you Son! | Every day I walk around the house picking up toys which are strewn around everywhere. The next morning you pull them all right back out | You have a schedule and like to keep it but you also cope well when it’s interrupted | We can see features of Mummy and Daddy in you but you are 100% your own person | Life is crazy and busy but we love every minute | Whenever we drive past the hospital we are filled with happy memories and it always starts a conversation about the day you were born | The only aches and pains I have now are from my back when I lift you | I have a little back pack for you when we go out with the essentials - nappies, snacks, water and baby sunblock | I miss being pregnant and can’t wait until we give you a brother or sister | We cannot remember what life was like before you arrived | We are harassed constantly now about when we plan to give you a brother or sister | I cannot remember the pain I experienced in labour. It’s long forgotten | I have changed more nappies than I can remember and have seen and worn the lot | We love that we have been given this privilege of being your parents and cannot believe a year has passed already. We love you to the moon and back little boy, always.