I would certainly be in Debbie's(DFWest) fan club. I absolutely love her work...it is always so captivating and full of inspiration. Thank you Debbie for all that you bring to our community!


After seeing Joanne's beautiful bald eagles page, it inspired me to get this story on paper. Thanks Joanne!

It was the December of 2007. We were awaiting the arrival or our third child. We looked out our back window to find two bald eagles perched on the branch in the woods directly behind our home. I couldn’t believe it. Those bald eagles became like part of our family. Every morning I would look for them. They would be there every morning while we ate breakfast and would always fly off around 8:00 am and they would return every day around 5:00 pm. They always sat on the same branch and I was fascinated with them. They helped my pregnancy move along faster because I couldn’t wait for each day to see if they were still there. They stayed that entire winter and every day was the same. They left in the morning and returned in the afternoon. We were blessed with a son in the beginning of March of 2008. When I returned from the hospital, I looked for the eagles and they were there. They left for good a week later and I couldn’t help but think they were also waiting for Quinn’s arrival.

In the winter of 2009, 2010 they returned to that same branch but for a much shorter amount of time. In the winter of 2011, they did not make an appearance and I missed them. I was sad. In January of 2012, I woke up early in the morning to work like I always do before the kids get out of bed. I sat down to my computer and looked up at the sky and there he was. He was alone this year but I screamed. I was overjoyed that he had returned. Each day he kept that same schedule. And while part of me was overjoyed that he was there, part of me felt sad that he was now alone. He stayed for about 10 days this year and I pray that he returns next year. These eagles have been such a source of excitement in our home. They truly feel like they are our bald eagles. I certainly don’t know why they picked that branch just outside our window...but they did and what a blessing they have been.

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