This is for Mel’s iTunes Challenge No. 70 on the DD blog this week. I started out with a straight rectangle lift and somehow I ended up with circles! Do you see any resemblance to Mel's original inspiration cover?

Journaling: You are such a ham! Always laughing . . . always smiling and being sweet. Little Amelia had been at our house for a week, so when I brought her home I stayed an extra day so I could see you and Mary Paul for a little while. You decided to eat your breakfast on the front porch while you waited for your mama to walk you to school . . . you were so cute, I just had to take a few pictures!

100% Designer Digitals:
Classic Cardstock: Into the Night – Katie Pertiet
Life In Pictures Brushes and Stamps (arrow) – Ali Edwards
PiRATS of the Caribbean Kit – Pattie Knox
Pocket Cards: Stitching blue No. 01 – Katie Pertiet
Sweet St. Nicholas Solids and Stripes Paper Pack – Katie Pertiet
You Are Awesome Brushes And Stamps – Ali Edwards