This is for my book on 2012, NOT my 365/6 project!
I do a "Project Life"-type spread at the end of each month in my yearly books, to tell the story of the "smaller things" that particular month. The things that don't get a page or a spread by themselves.

This year, I'm also including some data telling about Swedish or International things in the news (on the February-pocket card). This month marked Queen Elizabeth the II's Diamond Jubilee! The birth of a new little heir to the Swedish throne - Princess Estelle. The death of Whitney Houston. A new HUGE loan to Greece by the other EU states. And in Syria the regime is still bombarding civilians in Homs...

This month it suddenly got colder! A lot colder! We started having mini gigs in our café! "Idiot Dancer" was the first band! Valentine's brought me tulips. I had lunch with my younger cousins and "After Work" with Camilla! Mikael did my hair. "HammerFall" asked us to take care of the merchandise-part of their upcoming tour. Stefan was in town with the whole Swedish Eurovision-spectacle and paid us a visit! And Leif and I spent a Sunday visiting the fleamarkets on the outskirts of Gothenburg!

"Pocket Pages no1", "Pocket Pages no2", "Pocket Cards - Rainbow Dates no2", "Candid Kit" and "Vintage Library Paperie no1" by Katie Pertiet
"Readymade Banners - Love no1" and "Winter Element clusters no1" by StudioDD
"Just Linens no1" by Michelle Martin/Maplebrook Studios
"Hint at It - Love no1" by Lynn Grieveson