So, this book is almost finished. Lincoln's birthday is on Monday so I want to do another page for his birthday and party. Plus a letter from Mummy page and a cover page. Then it's done and dusted. I also have another book for his first year about to come to an end. I'm so sad! LOL He is going through a development explosion at the moment so I'm half tempted to continue the weekly pages for another year. Or maybe until he's 21. Hehe Wink

Thanks for looking! Smile

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Journaling: So many times this week your Daddy and I have said “I can’t believe it has been a year!” And we really can’t my Son! You seem to be changing every single day. You are babbling like crazy and every so often we make out something that sounds like a real word. Like the other night, you walked down to your playroom and then came back. As you came around the corner and saw us, clear as day you said “Hello!” Daddy and I looked at each other and both wondered if we heard right. Yet this morning when I went to get you from your cot I could have sworn you said it again. So I said to you “Hello Sunshine!” and clear as day again you said to me “Hello!” You won’t say it any other time so we’re anxious to hear it again. You are babbling a lot of ‘g’ sounds and you are always saying what sounds like “goggle goggle goggle” or “golly golly golly.” We have no idea what they mean but you always say it when you are so happy. I also think you are beginning to say “Uh oh!” We have heard that one a few times now when you drop toys or throw food at Mummy! You were lucky to have your cousin Sierra visit one day this week for a couple of hours. Sierra is a year older than you and I wondered how you would play together now you are walking. You both had a bit of tussle over your toy laptop but apart from that you played well together. You love other kids and have such a social personality with children, something which I hope you keep! You also got your first egg this week. And I don’t mean the poultry or chocolate type. You were trying to run because you are such a dare devil, unfortunately your feet got tangled and you made friends with the floor. You got a nice bruise and big scare for your efforts!