I'm so very proud of both of my daughters and of how they've grown into beautiful young women. (It's good to know I've got something right in this life!) It's been a while since I created something with clean lines but I really enjoyed using Cathy's new template to record what I can remember of both my daughter's lives so far. In parts, my memory fails me but I hope I've got most of the details correct! I also hope the older photo's that aren't digital come out OK!

Journaling reads:
The Toddlers
Born on 5 August 1980 in St David’s Hospital, Bangor. First-born. Five weeks premature. Weighed 4lb 4ozs. Blue eyes. Blonde hair. A button nose and dimples. A real doll. Had a dummy. Walked at 14 months. Loved dolls. Had loads of fun with Nan, Grandad and Uncle Fred. Extremely inquisitive. Cute. Wanted to have a go at everything. Loved the ‘bubbles’ on Uncle Fred‘s beer. Very happy to amuse herself a lot of the time. Giggled a lot. Loved bathtime. Enjoyed lots of attention. Went to a creche while I worked. Never slept in Mum & Dad’s bed. Had swimming lessons. A Leo. Used to call me ‘Mem’ much to my annoyance. Wasn’t one for hugs. LOVED to wear grown up shoes. Had a temper. Confident & independent. Used to mimic people’s accents. Had real and imaginary friends. Loved beads & bangles.
My baby.

The Pre-Teens
Tried very hard at school and enjoyed recognition for her efforts. Very much a home bird. Had extra maths lessons. Enjoyed modern dance classes. Took part in concerts. Freckles from the sun. An enormous help when Hayley was born. Good company. Mature for her age. Trustworthy. Sensitive. Had a few close friends who shared similar interests. A sweet & caring child who persevered when things sometimes got tough. Blitzed her bedroom once in a while, even if the neatness only lasted a day. Took pride in her appearance. Enjoyed playing with Hayley. Liked ‘girly’ things. Liked to shop. Attended Van Riebeeckstrand Primary. Enjoyed spending time with her Dad. Liked to be organised. Travelled to the UK on her own. Had her own stash of lotions and potions. Enjoyed playing about in the pool. Sensible, honest and independent.
My homely child.

The Teens
Still a home bird a lot of the time. First boyfriend. A pupil at Table View High School. Still went along with the very strict uniform. Gave up modern dance classes. Had her hair cut short. Looked absolutely stunning for the Matric dance. Matriculated with exemption. Mixed group of friends. Developed a style of her own. Worked part time at Milky Lane, an ice cream parlour, & Edgars in their make up and fragrance section. Enjoyed it and looked striking in the black and red uniform. Lost her Nan. Passed her driving test. Spent a lot of time in each others company. Often shopped & went to movies together. Studied marketing at Varsity College. Enjoyed a busier social life. Got her first mobile phone. Liked music. Didn’t care much for fashion fads but continued with her own individual style. Enjoyed spending time with her Dad and his new family.
My sweet girl.

The Twenties
Broke her arm 2 days before her 21st birthday. Relocated to a small village in the South East of the UK. Experienced life living away from home. Visited a boyfriend at the time in Dubai. Lost her Nana. Holidayed in Italy. Lost her Grandad. Was granted his car and some furniture which created the opportunity to move to Ipswich, then Cambridge. Made lots of friends. Busy social life. Continued with her own unique style. Met Stuart. Moved in with Stuart. Got two cats, a ginger tom, Fudge, and a black & white female, Jess. Bought a mini and called it Mini-Moo. Took a road trip to the Isle of Skye. Went through personal family heartache. A tower of strength. Experienced the joy of Jess having 4 kittens and kept two of them, called Jasmine & Alfie. Achieved a 2:1 degree. Enjoyed talking on the phone, cooking and fashion.
My unique girl.

The Thirties
Moved into a beautiful family home with Stuart. Experienced sadness when Jess went missing. With Stuart, welcomed Little Jack into the world on 22.10.11. Their first-born. Still has lots of friends. Now enjoying her maternity leave. Fun to be with. Homely. Likes modern technology. Enjoys sewing, crafting and digi-scrapping when she has time. Still wears her hair short. Is definitely Fudge’s favourite person. Laid-back. Still likes to shop. Practical. Loves the convenience of Tesco home deliveries. Enjoys exercising with Jack. Has a fab camera. Comfortable in her own skin & generally doesn’t give two hoots what people think. Has a hobby room. Is into the shabby vintage style. Has a bigger car for all the baby gear. Enjoys road trips. Still likes to cook. Enjoys spending time with family. Loves being Jack’s Mummy.
My beautiful daughter.

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