I'm so very proud of both of my daughters and of how they've grown into beautiful young women. (It's good to know I've got something right in this life!) It's been a while since I created something with clean lines but I really enjoyed using Cathy's new template to record what I can remember of both my daughter's lives so far. In parts, my memory fails me but I hope I've got most of the details correct! I also hope the older photo's that aren't digital come out OK!

Journaling reads:
The Toddlers
Born on 8 November 1990 at Panorama Medi-Clinic, Bellville. Blue eyes. A button nose and dimples - the one in her left cheek more pronounced. . Sweet blonde curls that took ages to grow. So everyone wouldn’t keep mistaking her for a boy, I had her ears pierced at 9 months. Loved smarties. Had a dummy. Loved to eat yoghurt & fruit. Walked at 13 months. Loved to be outdoors. Giggled a lot. Loved bathtime. Enjoyed lots of attention. Cute. Stayed with Sandra during the day while I worked. Picked up the Afrikaans language and there was a time when she used both English & Afrikaans together. Loved sleeping in Mom & Dad’s bed. A scorpio. Loved balloons. Liked to sit on my lap. Confident & independent. Easy going. Loved watermelon.
My baby.

The Pre-Teens
Sensitive and moody. Prone to sulks. A water baby. Just about past the ‘trying to ride a bike standing on the seat’ stage. Attended Van Riebeeckstrand Primary and Table View Primary. Enjoyed school. Enjoyed telling way out stories involving a baboon, a bicycle and a helicopter, so convincingly that I believed them. Enjoyed it even more when she realised she had me. A real tomboy. Always wore shorts & t-shirts. Never dresses. Disliked shopping. Loved anything involving a ball, wheels, water, or skill. Laughed a lot. Knew exactly what she wanted most of the time. Loved JT One tops. Preferred bare feet to shoes. Bilingual. Lost her Ouma. Out at friend’s houses most of the time. Enjoyed sleepovers but still loved to sit on my lap.
My surfer girl.

The Teens
Long hair - finally. Lost her Nana. Had extra maths lessons. Wore make up for school. First mobile phone. No more a tomboy. Looked absolutely stunning for Prom Night. Thrilled to get a part time job at Ralph Lauren. A pupil at Hilbre High School. Loved hugs. Still sat on my lap. Went to Morocco for Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Did well in GCSE exams with an A* in PE. Loved to shop. Liked pop music. Developed a style of her own. Liked watching ‘Friends’. First boyfriend. Large group of male & female friends. First girls night out in Liverpool. Holidayed in Cape Town on her own. Passed her driving test. Started expressing her wish to leave the UK one day. Holidayed with school friends in Magaluf. Sensible & level headed.
My sweet wild child.

The Twenties
Present day. Still has long hair that she wears naturally curly or straight. Love it when she wears it curly. Been back to Cape Town three more times. Engaged to be married to Dewald in February 2013. Will be a step-mom to Ava then too. Turns 22 this year. Studying Sport & PE at Bedfordshire University. Still loves to shop. Graduating this summer. Loves to ‘borrow’ my bags & scarves. Leaving the UK for Cape Town for good later this year. Still fun to be with. Has got used to living away from home and enjoys it. Still misses us sometimes. Has a really close friend in Holly. In touch with old school friends via FB. Dislikes the British weather. Still loves hugs. Will still sit on my lap occasionally. Confident. Excited for her wedding next year.
My beautiful daughter.

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