These are two pictures of my daughter. The one on the left was taken in 1999 when she was in the first grade in elementary school, and the one on the right was taken last fall when she started the last year in high school.

Thanks for looking!

Katie Pertiet:
Paper Cuts No. 03
Messy Stitched Borders: White No. 02
Artistry de Blanco Element Pack
Messy Stitched Rounded Corners: White No. 01
Assorted Tapes No. 03
Loosely Labeled Dates
Stuff Your Edge No. 01
Vintage Photo Frames No. 23
Hemp Ribbons No. 02
Hinge Pack
Charmed No. 01

Lynn Grieveson:
Worn Strips No. 07
Worn Strips No. 08
Malabar Kit

Maplebrook Studios:
Solina Kit

Jesse Edwards: Easy Breezy Paper Pack