hall’s superior quality kitchenware; royal rose blue; made in the usa; approximately 1930. i did not know any of this when these bowls came to me after my maternal grandmother died. i only knew; banana cream pudding. it is the only thing i ever knew to fill the largest of the three. i remember being in her kitchen, the large bowl on the grey chrome dinette table, the box of nabisco nilla wafers next to it. she would start layering them in the bowl and then tell me she really needed my help. precisely, delicately, i placed them all along the inside to create a perfect lining. a layer of sliced bananas followed. pudding cooking on the
stove, the aroma, still vivid and comforting to me
today, was poured over the top. these layers were repeated until the bowl was filled. topped with dollops of whipped cream it was put into the fridge to set. i remember this was a summer dessert. i remember sneaking more than a couple of nilla wafers as a treat. i remember it was a special time alone with my ‘nannie’. ironically, i’ve never liked bananas. i’ve never liked
banana cream pudding.
but i love the memory it
holds for me.
and i love these bowls;
especially the large one.

Katie Pertiet
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