No photos for this exciting day but I scanned the map the judge drew of the track Cody (and I) had to follow. Since he passed his certification now Cody can enter a tracking test.

Journaling: At 8:20 this morning Cody laid down on the tracking glove to finish his tracking certification track. Yeah!!! Good boy!!!
Judge: Anne Hershey. Location: Half Moon Bay. I felt very calm going into the track. Cody started right on the track but took a bit to straighten out. This is somewhat common for him. He overshot the first turn but I waited until he clearly indicated the turn. Then he went ahead nicely for the next two turns. The rough spot was the 4th turn. He was so excited he was just running in circles. I waited for him to calm down. When he did he started working again and made the turn. Then, the final turn and on to the glove! To celebrate I took him to the beach for the first time. He wouldn't touch the water but he loved digging in the sand. He was all wet from the dew on the grass in the morning. Mixed with the sand from the beach he is more than due for a bath!

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