Carol’s beautiful “Book of Wisdom” was love at first sight for me. So, like Pam (blkcow), I decided to make my own book of wisdom with favourite poems and quotes. Thanks Carol and Pam for the inspiration.

Anafi is a small island, east of the island of Santorini. A peninsula at the eastern end of the island is dominated by a monolithic peak, Mt. Kalamos, among the largest in the Mediterranean at 584 m (1,916 ft). Perched atop this massif is the monastery of Panagia Kalamiotissa. It is a single-room domed temple surrounded by a few monastic cells and a small water reservoir. Its location and the view inspire an indescribable sense of awe in all visitors.
A visit to the monastery is available only on foot. After a 6km walk (3, 50 hours) on an uneven path you reach the monastery. . In 2009, my son and Iliana spent their summer holidays in Anafi and onto the roof of the church, Efthymios made his marriage proposal to Iliana. This tough guy has a romantic heart. The photo is not good, but is worth a thousand words. On the left page is a panoramic view of Kalamos rock with the monastery atop. The poem “Monogram” by the giant of our poetry Odysseas Elytis is a hymn to love and I think that it is the perfect companion of the photo. With your permission I put the whole poem. Poetry is the golden gate, a way out from the grey of our times.

Journaling reads:
So I speak of you and me
Because I love you and in love I know
How to head in like a Full Moon
From all directions, for your little foot in the vast sheets
Plucking jasmine – and I have the strength
Dozed off, to blow and take you
Through moonlit passages and secret sea caves
Hypnotized trees with silvery spiders

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MONOGRAM by Odysseas Elytis
So I speak of you and me

Because I love you and in love I know
How to head in like a Full Moon
From all directions, for your little foot in the vast sheets
Plucking jasmine – and I have the strength
Dozed off, to blow and take you
Through moonlit passages and secret sea caves
Hypnotized trees with silvery spiders

The waves have heard of you
How you caress, how you kiss
How you whisper the “what” and the “eh”
Around your neck, at the bay
We are always the light and the shade

You’re always the little star and I’m always the dark vessel
You’re always the port and I’m the light on the right
The wet jetty and the glitter on the oars
High on the vine-laden house
The bound roses, the cooling water
You’re always the stone statue and I’m always the growing shadow
You the hanging shutter, I the wind that opens it
Because I love you and I love you
You’re always the coin and I’m the worship that gives it value:

As the night, as the roar in the wind
As the drop in the air, as the stillness
As the majestic sea
Star-filled chamber of the sky
So your faintest breath

That I no longer have anything else
In the four walls, the ceiling, the floor
To shout for you and my own echo hitting me
To smell of your scent and people to get angry
Because the untested and foreign
People can’t stand and it’s early, do you hear me
It’s still early in this world my love

To speak of you and me.
It’s still early in this world, do you hear me
The monsters have not been tamed, do you hear me
My lost blood and the sharp, do you hear me
Like a ram racing in the heavens
Breaking the branches of the stars, do you hear me
It’s me, do you hear me
I love you, do you hear me
Holding you and taking you and dressing you
In Ophelia’s white wedding dress, do you hear me
Where are you leaving me, where are you going and who, do you hear me,

Is holding your hand over the floods

The huge basins and the volcanic lavas
There will be one day, do you hear me
When they’ll bury us, and after thousands of years
They’ll turn us into precious stones, do you hear me
To crush on them the heartlessness, do you hear me
Of Man
And throw the thousand pieces

In the water one by one, do you hear me
I count my bitter pebbles, do you hear me
And time is a big church, do you hear me
Where once the figures
Of the Saints
Shed real tears, do you hear me
The bells tear in the sky, do you hear me
A deep passage for me to pass
The angels await with candles and eulogies
I’m not going anywhere, do you hear me
Either nobody or both of us together, do you hear me
This flower of the storm and, do you hear me,
Of love
We cut it once and for all
And it cannot blossom otherwise, do you hear me
In another earth, in another star, do you hear me
The ground, the air that we touched,
Is no longer the same, do you hear me

And no gardener was happy in other times
From so much winter and north winds, do you hear me
Throw the flower, just us, do you hear me
In the middle of the ocean
By the power of love alone, do you hear me
We created a whole island, do you hear me
With caves and headlands and blossoming cliffs
Listen, listen
Who’s talking to the water and who’s crying -are you listening?
Who’s searching for others, who’s yelling – are you listening?
I’m the one who’s yelling, I’m the one who’s crying, do you hear me
I love you, I love you, do you hear me.
I have spoken of you in old times
With wet nurses and veteran rebels
From where your beastly sorrow comes
The brilliance of trembling water on your face
And why it must be that I come near you
I who don’t want love but want the wind
But want the gallop of the uncovered, upright sea

And none had heard of you
Neither dittany nor wild mushroom
Of Cretan highlands, none
Only God grants and guides your hand to me

Here and there, carefully around the whole turn
Of the face’s seashore, the bay, the hair
On the hill rippling off to the left

Your body in the stance of the solitary pine
Eyes of pride and of transparent
Depth, in the house with an old china cabinet
Of yellow lace and cypress wood
Alone I wait for where you’ll first appear
High on the veranda or under the garden’s cobblestones
With the horse of the saint and the egg of Easter

Like from a wrecked wall painting
Big as the little life wanted you,
To hold within a little candle the stentorian volcanic glow

So no one will have seen or heard
Anything about you in the wilderness of dilapidated houses
Neither the buried ancestors at the edge of the garden fence
Nor the old woman with all her herbs

Of you, only I, and maybe the music
That is concealed inside me but shall return more strongly
Of you, the unformed breast of twelve years
Turning toward the future and the red crater
Of you, a bitter odor finds the body
And like a pin punctures memory
And here the soil, here the doves, here our ancient earth.
I have seen much and the earth to my mind seems more beautiful
More beautiful in the golden breath
The sharp stone, more beautiful
The dark blue of the isthmuses and the roofs among the waves
More beautiful, the rays where you pass without stepping
Unbeaten like the goddess of Samothrace atop the sea’s hills

Like so I have seen you and that will suffice
For all and time will be exonerated
In the wake of your passage
My soul like a green dolphin follows

And plays with the white and azure

Triumph, triumph, where I have been conquered
Before love and together
With the hibiscus and passion-flower
Go, go, and let me be lost

Alone, and let the sun be a newborn that you hold.
Alone, and let me be the homeland that mourns
Let it be the word that I sent to hold the laurel leaf for you
Alone, the lone, strong wind and the full
Pebble under the eyelid of dark depths
The fisherman who caught then threw Paradise back into Time.

In Paradise I have marked out an island
Akin to you and a house by the sea

With a large bed and a small door
I have thrown an echo into the depths
To see myself every morning when I rise

Half to see you passing through the waters
Half to weep for you in Paradise.