here i go for the tutorial challenge.
i appreciated the process of this lo evolving. even if it did hurt when i wrote the journaling. it's a note to my younger self. but the most hurting part is that i could write that to my current self as well.
magenta is my favorite color for life.

i know it wasn't easy when you were young. there were so many things you were not able to accept in your life. the things you had to do, how you had to behave, how your family dealt with you and you dealt with them. you didn't like yourself. you didn't love your body. i am not sure if you are loving it now. but while you are not here anymore you are still part of my life. i know you. i love you. your strength, your innocence, your fresh view of life. i know you wouldn't see it that way. you would never see the beauty in you. i wish i could show you how precious life is and how precious the time is that you spend with arguing about the past. i love you. and i miss you. i wish i still had you here and could show you the beauty of it all. the beauty of you.

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