my friend and i were washing dishes after thanksgiving dinner last year and as she dried this bowl i related the story now documented in the journaling that follows. she told me i should write my stories down. i laughed and said, who'd really care. well, you for one, she replied. i've just watched your face and can see how important this is to you and your memory will not always be what it is today. it's always good to have a friend who is smarter than you are! (an old but favorite photo)

i do not remember when my mother got this depression glass bowl but i do remember that it was the only bowl that ever held the thanksgiving cranberry relish. i can remember the striking colors of the burgundy cranberries and bright orange segments against this brilliant green glass. it was as expected and anticipated as the pumpkin pies for me. so much so that when i
moved away many years later and prepared a thanksgiving dinner on my own i searched high and low for this bowl to put my cranberry relish in. when it finally dawned on me that i did not own this bowl, had never owned it and would not likely have it for many years, i had to laugh. i related this story to my mother and we laughed together. the next year, two days before thanksgiving, a ups truck pulled into the driveway with an unexpected package: the depression glass bowl with a note that simply read, ENJOY!
and i have.
filling it with fresh summer peaches is now one of my favorites.

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