This is for my book on 2012, NOT my 365/6 project!
I do a page or a spread at the end of each month in my yearly books, to tell the story of the "smaller things" that particular month. The things that don't get a page or a spread by themselves.

This year, I'm also including some data telling about Swedish or International things in the news (on the January-pocket card). Lots of political happenings in Sweden. A new EU embargo against Iran and the story of M/S Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy...

This month I took my stepson to the big, Annual sale at NK. My friend Helena took her kids and her sister-in-law to try our new café. Izabell is dismantling Xmas at the store. We passed the City Health Inspection at the café! Our new frontdoor was FINALLY installed at home. The Nielsen family paid us a visit at the café and even my husband sat down for a while... My birthday started early morning with a visit to my gyno... My sister sent me weird gifts for my birthday... Lunch with my younger cousin! And we got some snow!

"Pocket Pages no3", "Pocket Cards - Rainbow Dates no2" and "Classic Cardstock - Energy" by Katie Pertiet
"White Element Clusters no1" by StudioDD
"Coffee Clatch Kit" by Pattie Knox
"Iced Kit" by Lynn Grieveson