Carol’s beautiful “Book of Wisdom” was love at first sight for me. So, like Pam (blkcow), I decided to make my own book of wisdom with favourite poems and quotes. Thanks Carol for the inspiration.

Photo: Church of Agia Paraskevi on Aiolos street

Days yet to come stretch out before us
like a row of candles, burning brightly
vivacious candles, golden and warm.

The days that have passed fall behind us,
burned-out candles in a dismal row:
those closest at hand still smoking;
cold candles, melted and deformed.

I don’t want to look; their state saddens me;
it saddens me to remember their initial glow.
I look ahead, instead, to my lighted candles.

I don’t want to turn back to see, with horror,
how quickly the dark row of candles has lengthened,
how rapidly the number of dead candles has grown.

Konstantinos Kavafy
Translated by Stratis Haviaras

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