another in a series. . . .

i have always loved this small jewelry box. purchased at an antique store in california after a wonderful lunch on a warm autumn’s day it held a gold colored stick pin with a light blue stone when i bought it in the late nineteen seventies. the pin had a poor clasp and was lost soon after. although i was upset at the time, it turned out i loved this little box more than the pin. the craftsmanship and attention to detail are as exquisite as the treasure i can only imagine it originally held. leather covered with a velvet bottom and silk lined cover the still working clasp is as intricate as any found on the most expensive jewelry box. the font used for the company name has remained one of my favorites, yet is still not identified. it now holds a small porcelain heart pin i used to wear on a suit lapel when i worked;
now, more often on my sleeve.
the american watch co. 46 fleet st. e. c.
i’d give anything to know your story.

katie pertiet:
Letter Box Simplicity No.1 Paper
Stamped Stitches
Letter Box Brushes No.3 and No.5 Value Pack
In Stitches Hearts No.1
Rounded Corner Stitching Holes
Letter Box Photo Masks No.2
Classic Cardstock Foundation
Vintage Blendables No.2
Letter Box Blendables No.1
Bradded Frames No.1

geometric hint brushes

Pattie Knox:
Pin Its Pearls (in a different sort of way)

Fonts: jefferson and century gothic