Our 44th Anniversary was yesterday. This is the anniversary card I sent my hubby today…..
I just had to try out the tutorial that everyone has been playing with - How’d They Do That? No. 02: Playing with Cardboard

Journaling reads:
Do you remember these children? So young and so in love. Everyone said we were too young and that we didn’t know each other well enough. And now here we are at 44 years and one day of marriage - still together and still in love. Back then, on that beautiful winter day, we never imagined was ahead for us. Our life together has taken us many places from the East Coast to Hawaii - with a few stops in between. We’ve worked through the challenges and shared the joys of raising three wonderful children. We’ve known the thrill of mountain top experiences and we’ve walked through times of calm and peace - when it felt that nothing could ever change us. We’ve walked through heartache, pain and grief to the point we felt we couldn’t take another step - and those times did change us. Now 44 years and one day after this photo was taken we are very different than we were back then. We’ve grown from 19 year old kids to mature adults who are wiser, stronger and whose lives are so intertwined I cannot imagine a day without you. For who you are and all the love we have shared - I thank you. You were then, you are now - and you always will be the only one I love.

How’d They Do That? No. 02: Playing with Cardboard
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