When I first saw Monique's (Monique1971) breathtaking Mount Shasta page from a couple of years ago, I knew I'd be lifting it someday. With a kick in the keester from Cassie's most recent tutorial technique challenge, today is that day! Smile

The story is this...

In the Central Valley of northern California, where I grew up, the landscape is flat, flat, flat. Nothing to see for miles and miles but farm land. However, just north of Sacramento there is the most marvelous geologic feature--the Sutter Buttes. The Sutter Buttes are a collection of volcanic lava domes, remnants of a volcano that has been dormant for over a million years. Sacred to the Native Americans, rich with unique species of flora and fauna, the land there is mostly privately owned, but one can still ride bikes around them, and local conservation organizations lead hikes into them. My hometown was built in the shadow of the Buttes, and when I drive up there from the Bay Area, where I currently live, I know I'm getting close when I can see the Buttes rising up from the plain of the Central Valley. To this day, seeing them always makes me feel like I'm coming home.

A word about the photo: Rice is one of the predominant crops where I was raised. All of the green in the foreground? That's a rice paddy.

Journaling reads:
"I have lived in the Bay Area for years; yet whenever I see them, they still feel like home."

Oh, and thanks to Kelly (mugsbigsis), too. I liked the ribbon and branch she used on her page for this challenge, so I, er, appropriated them for my page! Smile

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