isn't this just the way:

i admired these beautiful wine glasses at a local shop for many months. my husband urged me to buy them but i felt they were a bit of an extravagance and we really didn’t need them. then one day after many hours of yard work i came inside, took my shower and headed back down stairs for a well deserved glass of wine. when i opened the cupboard there were the glasses; unboxed, washed and just waiting to be used. six of them. all beautiful. all perfect. i loved them. i loved him. i didn’t want to use them; they’re too nice i’d argue. that’s why i bought them he’d say. and so we

did. i was crushed when i broke one. stupid stuff;
wildly gesturing hands, just not paying attention, soapy slippery dishwater over time led to all of them being broken. this one was the last to go. but do you know what? the mismatched $1.99 bargain specials I bought when we first married, are all still in perfect condition.

Katie Pertiet:

Letter Box Simplicity Papers No.1
Classic Embossed Christmas Papers No.2
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Border Basics No.1
Decoupaged Frames No.3
Deckled Frames
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Pattie Knox:
Pin Its Pearls

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