I think this page is proof that when I'm bored or trying to avoid work--or both!--that I should not be let anywhere near a computer. Ya' never know what will come spilling out onto a scrapbook page!

Last week I was having a conversation with a teen volunteer currently working in the lab. She's positively delightful--bright, hard-working, cheerful--and most definitely a child of the 21st century. Texting, Facebook, Twitter--she and her friends keep in touch in all of these ways. Do you remember when the only way to contact your friends after class was with a telephone? Now, kids can contact their friends during class, let alone waiting until the bell has rung, and all without saying a word!

I was so surprised and touched when she asked--using her words!--if she might follow me on Twitter. I do have a Twitter account, but I've yet to post my first tweet. I know many people get great enjoyment out of tweeting, but as for me, seriously, who really wants to know what I had for breakfast or that my cat got out of the house again, or that I spent the afternoon working in my garden? Besides, I pretty much already post that kind of stuff. I just do it on scrapbook pages! Smile

Aaaaanyway, when I responded that I don't tweet, and when I tried to make a lame joke that she did not get, that started me thinking--always a dangerous thing! Those thoughts and a slow Sunday afternoon led to this page.

Journaling reads:
“ 'I don’t tweet,' I replied to the 17-year-old lab volunteer who asked if she might follow me on Twitter. “Oh, I’ve been known to sing, screech, bellow, caterwaul, wail and even squeak, but I don’t tweet.”

“Wait!” she replied, puzzled. “What does tweeting have to do with singing?”

Really? Well, I guess that little play on words just fell completly flat! With that conversation, I was struck by how quickly the internet can influence the meaning of a word. Take the words “tweet” and “twitter,” for example. “Tweet” used to invoke the gentle sound of birds chirping, but in today’s parlance it most probably refers to a less-than-or-equal-to-140-word post or status update on the microblog service Twitter. And that brings us to “twitter.” Before 2006, “twitter” as a verb meant “to give a call consisting of repeated light tremulous sounds,” or “to talk in a light, high-pitched voice.” Now, of course, “twitter” is also a reference to the microblogging site of the same name. Thinking of tweeting also makes me think of Tweety Bird, a Saturday morning Looney Tunes cartoon staple from my childhood. I am gratified and relieved that when I google “Tweety Bird,” the top hits are still of that adorable yellow avian with the precious little speech pattern. And just when did “google” become a verb?!?--but I digress...

Oh, and another definition of twitter? It can also mean “to talk rapidly and at length about triviality.” Hmm, maybe the new definition of twitter isn’t so far removed from the old definition!"

...and in case the individual tweets by the tweety birds are too small to read, here they are:

Culture Vulture: "I tawt I taw a puddy tat!"
EarlyBird: "Alert! The Jones's cat got out of the house again!"
Fred: "@CultureVulture: You did! You did taw a puddy tat!"
Twitterpated: "@EarlyBird: Ha! I beat you to the worm today!"
Who'sAPrettyBird: "Check out my new tailfeathers! I got them on eBay!"
BirdIsTheWord: "Whaaa??? Soooo 20th century! Someone needs to learn how to tweet!"

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