Carol’s beautiful “Book of Wisdom” was love at first sight for me. So, like Pam (blkcow), I decided to make my own book of wisdom with favorite poems and quotes. IT is a difficult project, because the photo should match the poem and vice versa. Translation is another difficulty as well. I hope that I shall finish it, in time. Thank you Carol and Pam for the inspiration.

Photo: Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia Island in Ionian Sea. Photo was taken by my son during his summer vacation in Kefalonia, last year.

Journaling reads: “Oh my God! How much blue you spend for not seeing you”
Odysseas Elytis: Verse from the poem “Maria Nefeli”

Katie Pertiet: Book of Memories No 09_ book base, hemp, hemp tie
Vintage Journal Spots No 03
Painted Shells No 01
Chunky Chipboard Alpha_Black No 01
Maplebrook Studios: Just Linens No 28